Lead Like Jesus

Lead Like Jesus FAQ

Overall Mission

Help people find hope in Jesus and a home in His local church.

Immediate Goal

We want to equip our leaders for wider impact in our community.

Immediate Problem

Our current leadership structure and policies were developed and written 18 years ago when we were a church of 400. This has been a great foundation and framework from which to build, but we have since outgrown that way of doing church and is not sustainable if we want to continue to accomplish our mission.


Shifts in our constitution, by-laws and elder governance policies are necessary so we can have an even wider impact in our community. This will allow staff and lay leaders to prepare for what God has next for us at Whitewater. As we continue to grow and have a wider impact, the way we lead must evolve. These proposed shifts are steps in that direction. A great deal of prayer, resources, research and effort has been invested into developing the proper leadership structure to have a wider impact through our current strategic planning process.


November 14: Present to All Staff and High Capacity Leaders and former Elders

November 18:  Present to leaders on Sunday (mainly Fellowship Class)

December 3: E-mail and mailed letters to Members and Core

December 9: Thirty -day notice in bulletin

December 12: Thirty-day notice in Whitewater Direct e-mail

December 16: Town Hall Meeting and Q&A after both services

January 6: Town Hall Meeting and Q&A after both services

January 13: Voting ballots handed out and collected